Star Citizen: Fan Spotlight: Videos Volume 3

Star Citizen:

Fan Spotlight: Videos Volume 3

From trailers to comedy, our community has created some of the best fan videos that we’ve ever seen. That’s why this week’s Fan Spotlight we’re going to a highlight a few of our favorites from around the web. Check them out below!

Hype Citizen

We’ll start with a recent star amongst the forums, d3vaLL and his video Hype Citizen. D3vaLL has cleverly blended bits of Star Citizen with an energetic music track to get anyone amped for their next Battle Royale. In fact, the video is so good he got an MVP award as well!

Mr. Future’s Fan Trailer

Next up is another trailer that was heavily recommended after our previous videos Fan Spotlight. Of course I’m talking about Mr. Future’s Star Citizen’s trailer. After watching it we love it so much that we couldn’t wait to get a chance to highlight it. Another example of how video clips and the perfect song can be beautiful blended into a fantastic video.

Star Citizen Academy

If you’re looking to learn a bit more about Star Citizen and how it works, look no further than Supertrooper489. He currently is running a series called Star Citizen Academy in which he goes in depth about aspects of the game such as the ship radar, six degrees of freedom, and power management. A great beginner’s guide for anybody new to the game.

A Night at the Dying Star

Finally, we leave you all with a bit of humor. Fans of the SNL skit and movie Night at the Roxbury will feel right at home with Dast ‘ro’s video, A Night at the Dying Star. While there’s not much variation in the video, it still hits our funny bone and made us laugh around the office.

Thanks to everybody who makes Star Citizen videos. It’s one of our greatest pleasures to watch what you all come up with. If there’s a video you think we missed leave it below! We’ll catch you all next time!

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