Star Citizen: Fan Spotlight: Voice Attack Profiles Volume 2

Star Citizen:

Fan Spotlight: Voice Attack Profiles Volume 2

Want to get a leg up on your Arena Commander enemies? Many of our pilots out there have opted to use a program called Voice Attack that brings their words to life. In addition to arming missiles, or locking onto targets, Voice Attack can also talk back to you, and today we are highlighting a few of our favorite Voice Attack profiles that our fans have created.

Sixth Law’s ARK

Starting off is Sixth Law’s voice companion Autonomous Response Kernel, a.k.a. ARK. Described as a Private Military Technology by the defense corporation VDV, ARK has been designed to enhance the pilot’s weapon capability to ensure the highest kill count. ARK is the perfect military companion to take down your enemies.

Check out his thread!

Marie by Curtis

We certainly don’t want to leave all of our German backers out in space alone, so Curtis has taken it upon himself to create a German speaking Voice Attack profile, Marie. While still a work in progress, Curtis plans on integrating our lore into his profile so you can recreate some of the setups our more famous squadrons have documented. We can’t wait to see this profile completed and watch how the lore is implemented.

Check out his thread!

AloÏs’ Sally

Don’t think that we’ve forgotten about our French speakers out there. AloÏs has created Sally, a French voice attack profile. Currently standing at over 60 different commands, Sally can be trained to complete any task that you tell her to do. Additionally, she even has a bit of personality so feel free to ask her questions such as “How are you?” and listen to her response.

Check out his thread!

Commador Stabb’s Alien Pirate

You might remember that in our last Voice Attack Fan Spotlight we highlighted A.N.N.A.. Well Commador Stabb decided that he wanted something a bit more gruff and less… human to help him fly around in the ‘verse, so he’s created an Alien Pirate voice attack profile. I’m sure that there are many out there with more nefarious plans that will enjoy having a less than perfect Voice Attack companion to aid them.

Check out his thread!

Thanks to everybody who spends time creating these fantastic profiles. If you have a suggestion for a future Fan Spotlight let us know in our Fan Spotlight suggestions thread! Also, let us know what your favorite voice attack profile is below! We’ll see you next week!

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