Star Citizen: Mousepads for Sale

Star Citizen:

Mousepads for Sale

Greetings Citizens,

We are proud to announce a new line of Star Citizen mousepads themed after the game’s different starship manufacturers. You can show your loyalty to Roberts Space Industries, Anvil Aerospace or Origin Jumpworks! What’s more, these are massive 36.22” x 11.57” surfaces designed for use with more elaborate control surfaces, like HOTAS joystick setups.

We commissioned all-new artwork featuring the corporate logo and spacecraft lineup of each company. Featuring heavily textured weave and a rubber base, these mousepads will be ideal for your future Star Citizen cockpit. Each pad is $ 35 and includes shipping anywhere in the world. Production will begin as quickly as possible, with an eye towards getting them to you for the holidays.

RSI MousepadOrigin MousepadAnvil Mousepad

RSI Comm-Link

The Kickstarter Page:

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