Star Citizen: New Merchandise Preorders

Star Citizen:

New Merchandise Preorders

Greetings Citizens,

The Chairman models his BDSSE shirtThe Chairman models his BDSSE shirt

From metal starships to tiny green men, we released some serious physical merchandise in 2014. For 2015, we’re aiming to improve the process by taking preorders for our first set of merchandise in advance rather than manufacturing a run of goods and being left with overstock. To kick this off, we are offering preorders for Second Fleet dogtags, Consolidated Outland mousepads and newly updated Squadron 42 ‘BDSSE’ shirts!

The preorder period will run from today through January 23, 2015. After we’ve taken orders, we will manufacture the shirts, mousepads and dogtags and then ship them to you. As with Star Citizen’s software development, we will share updates on the manufacturing and shipping status as it happens!

Physical Merchandise Options

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