Star Citizen: Press Roundup

Star Citizen:

Press Roundup

PAX East in Boston is a wrap and with it came some enthusiastic reviews of Star Citizen’s coming out party for the dogfighting module (DFM). The weekend started early with a special reveal of the DFM to Star Citizen backers and members of the press at the Royale Club in downtown Boston on the eve of PAX East. They weren’t disappointed.

“Star Citizen gets its first actual gameplay footage, and it looks absolutely glorious,” wrote Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers. Kirk Hamilton with Kotaku had similar praise. “14 minutes of the super-slick Star Citizen in action,” he exclaimed. “My does it look nice.” And GameSpot editors were also jumping on the bandwagon. “PC space sim Star Citizen’s dogfighting mode looks epic even in pre-alpha,” wrote news editor Eddie Makuch. William Usher, who writes for Cinema Blend, called the demo, “Awesome. I love the fact that there is a visual representation for every single aspect of interactivity in the game. I absolutely love all of it. This is the space simulator to which every subsequent game in the genre will be measured.”

Star Citizen was also on display during the three days of PAX East at the Logitech booth. Plenty of media outlets visited, tried out the game and posted even more coverage from the show. Here are more highlights from the fan event and the Logitech booth demos.

  • Gameranx – “Star Citizen Will have spying, hacking, even space mutiny! You don’t need to be a Slab Bulkhead to understand how amazing – and possibly game breaking – this is.”
  • Venture Beat – “Check out what the space-sim Star Citizen looks like in action. It looks impressive.”
  • Gaming Bolt – “If you had any doubts about the crowd-funded space sim, this should silence you fairly quickly.”
  • Segment Next – “Everything looks pretty much close to reality from each small bit of the ship to the asteroids. I think the video above might just make you want to get into the Star Citizen Dogfighting Module right away.”

There were also several video and written interviews with Chris Roberts and Erin Roberts at the show. You can have a look at those below:

Star Citizen came out of the show with not only some positive press, but also some awards and honors, to boot. MMORPG listed Star Citizen as its Most Anticipated Game from PAX East. “ The Dogfighting Module…looks incredible, has amazing depth, and will certainly feel like a complete game in and of itself when it launches in a few short weeks.”

And Game Informer listed Star Citizen as one of the five games to watch coming out of PAX East. “ A fairly extensive demo video displays some of the huge potential of this game that is admittedly several star systems away from release.”

Finally, what’s a press update without yet another mention of a major milestone. In the past week, Star Citizen surged past $ 42 million in crowd funding. And there was the regular coverage of the news by the press which included updates from these outlets among many others (Towel anyone?):

  • Polygon – “Star Citizen reaches $ 42 million, adds a towel”
  • GameSpot – “PC space sim Star Citizen hits a mind-blowing $ 42 million”
  • – “Star Citizen hits $ 42 million goal, everybody to get their own towel”

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