Star Citizen: Press Roundup: Chris Roberts in the Vault

Star Citizen:

Late last year, Chris Roberts gave a speech at GDC about how Star Citizen is going beyond crowd funding. Now the team at GDC has added a video to their free ‘GDC Vault’ for everyone to see! You can watch the complete 45-minute presentation here.

Meanwhile, Star Citizen’s ‘The Next Great Starship’ launched recently with a lot of fanfare and attention from the gaming press. The first episode currently stands at nearly 100,000 views on YouTube and overall fan feedback has been extremely positive. Several outlets covered the first day launch including IGN, Polygon, Massively and Wired.

At the beginning of the year, we told you about a story on Star Citizen featured in Gaming Bolt. The piece focused on SC’s crowd funding and how the success with raising money was changing the face of game publishing. Well, the editors at Gaming Bolt are back at it again. They’ve released a very lengthy Q&A with Chris Roberts. In the interview Chris covers a multitude of topics including the Star Citizen economy, Chris’ take on the best looking next-gen game, optimization for Star Citizen and customization of ships. You can read the entire interview, Chris Roberts On Building A Space Simulator For The Ages here.

Finally what’s a press roundup without some stories about hitting our latest milestone. Star Citizen’s crowd funding has passed the $ 38 million mark:

  • GameSpotStar Citizen reaches $ 38 million. Can you believe it?
  • IncGamersStar Citizen Raises $ 38 million – Another Star System Added
  • Games.on.netStar Citizen hits $ 38 million as only 10000 alpha slots remain

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