Star Citizen: Weekly Rundown

Star Citizen:

RIP E3, We Hardly Knew Ye

Hello Citizens! We had another great week of development content for you to devour at your leisure. Bugsmashers, a new Jump Point, and a free fly week? Pinch me!

Monday, June 15th

10 For The Artists – Episode 03

Tuesday, June 16th

Meet The Devs – Eric Kieron Davis
Chris Roberts on The PC Gaming Show!
Plain Truth – Clinical Trial

Wednesday, June 17th

Vault – Void Bomber WIP
BugSmashers! – Episode 04

Thursday, June 18th

Around The Verse – Episode 49

Friday, June 19th

Scythe Q&A
Test Drive ALL Flyable Ships!
June 2015 Jump Point Now Available!

Saturday, June 20th

Reverse The Verse Recap – Episode 52

RSI Comm-Link

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