HeroesGo is a 3D fantasy MMORPG focused on dungeon crawling and customizable combat. Gear up and go for gold!

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Publisher: ESTSoft
Playerbase: ??
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: Yes
Filesize: ~3.0GB

Pros: +Buffs assist with leveling secondary characters. +Arena PvP. +Class transformations.

Cons: -Currently no gamepad support. -Limited information available.

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HeroesGo Overview

HeroesGo is a 3D, dungeon-based fantasy MMORPG. Featuring four starting classes (Breaker, Blader, Gunslinger, and Mage), players may adventure into dungeons to battle enemies, develop their skills, and acquire useful equipment and crystals. The game also features a crafting system, guilds, and a PvP arena.

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HeroesGo Review

HeroesGo – First Impressions

By Harry Ka-yan Cheung, MMOHut Journalist

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HeroesGo was originally named Howling Sword and is a game that has a few years on it. It is kind of outdated compared to other games, but it does have a few unique features that is really enjoyable. HeroesGo is a dungeon crawler where players can group up and take down bosses and indulge themselves in the gameplay. My first impressions was that it was an outdated game, yet it still felt like a great game for being so outdated. It can really feed a person’s need for a dungeon-based game with its rewards from dungeon completion, and its leveling up to advance and see new combos.

There’s no need to lie here. The game’s a few years old and there doesn’t seem to be any graphics update soon (if ever). The graphics lack texture but the character movements, movements of items, mob movements, and numbers for damage are a smooth and decently fluid. The lacking graphics are mainly only in textures but those can’t be changed unless there is a complete revamp. The graphics are just lacking a flare of pizzazz that modern games have. If I wanted to put it in other words, it’s basically a lack of high quality details.

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Screenshot of an area in town

Character Creation & Customization
When creating a character, players get to choose from four classes: Breaker, Blader, Gunslinger, and Mage. Each of these classes have two sub-classes which will specialize in different weapons and skills. When engaging the character customization screen, players will be faced with only four options to each part of the clothing. Certain combinations can be made by the different outfits but there is not very much of a variety. It seems cash shop is going to have choices for some cover-up outfits which requires real money.

Character customization 620x348

Character Customization

The gameplay is quite surprising for me. I was expecting it to be an easy hack & slash type dungeon crawler but it isn’t. The monsters do a lot of damage! A player must stay alert to dodge monster attacks and also to use potions properly. Potions have a cool down, so the players do not have a luxury to just continuously use them. HeroesGo almost requires a party to do well in a dungeon. A boss hit will often take half or all of a player’s hit points. Most skills are combo based and have to be used back to back to work properly. It’s a matter of positioning your character correctly and using the right skills are the right time.

Gameplay 620x348

Gunner Fighting

Town & Dungeon Selection
When players first load into HeroesGo, they spawn in a town which is where players can resurrect, buy potions, repair items, etc. The town can be used to organize parties and buy some new equipment. Basic RPG stuff. Once players are ready, they can head to the designated gates with their party members and head into a dungeon selection instance. These maps are pretty interesting because they bring back the idea of RPGs and selecting a dungeon in a zoomed-out larger map. It really brought back some nostalgia for me.

Dungeon Selection 620x348

Dungeon Selection Map

Dungeons & Dungeon Completion
For the most part, each dungeon will only administer one quest; in other words, when a player receives a quest, they will finish it in one dungeon and then receive a quest for the next dungeon. As players venture through dungeons, they will run across monsters and bosses. They will need to gear themselves up with better items and equipment. Most of these better items will come from the dungeon themselves. Players have the chance of picking up higher quality items from the chests at the end of dungeons. I, personally, really like the chest selection at the end of dungeons because it gives a feeling of suspense when opening a chest to try and get something nice from it.

Dungeon Completion Chest 620x348

Yay, Chests!

Skills & Skill Tree
Every main offensive skill in HeroesGo is a combo-based skill. Basically, most skills have multiple parts to them. For example, if a player puts a skill in a hotkey and presses the key multiple times, they can use the multiple parts of the skills. There are also “single” skills that are buffs and others that allow players to counter, which require timing. As players level up, they will start to see that certain skills are based more for certain sub-classes. Out of the four classes, there are also two sub classes for each one. It’s not a huge selection but the differences are noticeable from what I can see. Once a player chooses to advance at level 20, they receive a skill reset and they also receive a set of completely new skills.

Skill Tree 620x377

An example of the skill trees

Apart from the regular skills, players also receive a transformation. In order to transform, players must charge a bar that is located under the mana bar. This bar can be changed by completing dungeons and charges very quickly by dying. The transformation gives players increased basic attacks and combos. I personally liked playing with my real skills much more than using the transformations but the transformations does make the character look very cool.

Transformations 620x182



Graphics – 3/5 – The graphics as a whole are pretty outdated but the movements of monsters and characters are smooth.

Gameplay – 3/5 – The gameplay is pretty hard. It’s decently demanding but the control of characters is also hard in a sense. Certain combos are too strange to aim.

Community – 3.5/5 – Players are pretty conversational and joining a party isn’t a pain since there’s a party bulletin board.

Customization – 1/5 – There’s not much customization other than the basics and the option for cash shop items.

Features – 1.5/5 – There aren’t any features worth mentioning. Most of the features are pretty common.

Overall – 2.4/5 – Overall, the game is decent but there are many outdated things about it which kind of keep it at a middle ground of being great and being too bland.


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