Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy Adventure is an action RPG from Userjoy. In the game, players control an expanding team of heroes, fight against malicious monsters and bandits, and follow the story-driven quests until they smash the evil Mutant.


Presented in cartoony pictures, Fantasy Adventure entertains players with diversified maps and characters. Potatoes, corns, foxes, and more come to cause trouble and you have to slay every single one before they kill any of your heroes. And the balloons decorating the surroundings and the stars that appear every time you tap a point for moving your heroes both help create an agreeable atmosphere.

Controls in Fantasy Adventure are intuitive and fluent. You tap a hero and then the destination or target for movement or attack, or tap and drag that hero for a same purpose. Hero buttons on top left lead to specific skills you could unleash while the potions and buff buttons on bottom right boost the stats or heal heroes.

Your heroes acquire different skills upon leveling up and occasionally obtain new gear through exploring dungeons, and the skills and gear must be upgraded. No skill points or stats points are assigned upon leveling up and you have to spend the coins you get by making achievements or completing dungeons.

And since the upgrades cost a great sum of coins, you need to explore dungeons after dungeons in the maps before you are done with the upgrading of one skill or a set of gear of one hero. And as you advance, you hire more heroes and have to pay for the upgrades for each one. That simplifies the gaming experience – anyway, all you do is explore, upgrade and explore – but on the other hand, it also makes the game a little dull since there are no other gameplay available.

Players not only need to enhance the gear and skills, they also need to control each hero individually in battles. You have to determine where the hero should stand, which enemy to attack, which skill to unleash, and what he or she should do whenever an enemy approaches. And you should devise a good strategy depending on the strength and weakness of your heroes. For example, it is always advisable to let your knight battle most of the enemies while keeping your cleric in a comparatively safe place because the two are evidently different when it comes to defense and durability. As time goes by, it could be increasingly challenging to keep all your heroes alive as well as making best use of their advantages. That somehow comprises the major appeal of this title.

One more thing special about Fantasy Adventure besides the simultaneous control of multiple heroes is that the game immerses the quests and the exploration deep in the absorbing narrative. Players can follow the story by reading conversations among heroes and other characters during the explorations, be amused by the interactions, or simply feel obliged to complete the subsequent tasks. Or they can just skip the conversations and start the fights directly.

Fantasy Adventure ideally offers an enthralling story and thrilling real-time actions in a wild fantasy world but it could be better if there are more game contents available.

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