‘Fable 4′ Not Currently In Development; ‘Crackdown 3′ Just Needs Right Team

Fable 4 Not Developing

Great Britain has a a compact but thriving games industry, with studios including Rocksteady, Rockstar and Codemasters, as well as a slew of talented indie developers native to the UK. Known for its pedigree in programming and game development, it is a place that has spawned some of the world’s most beloved game creators and franchises. However, two of the Britain’s most prominent IPs may take a while to add to their ‘core’ installments.

Fans of both Crackdown and Fable looking for more stories and a move to the next-gen Xbox One may be disappointed to hear that neither is making any progress on their main story arcs. Those looking to jump back into Fable‘s world and mythos have some respite on the way. Announced on Tuesday, Fable Legends is an Xbox One exclusive that sets a focus on multiplayer co-op centered around a team of adventurers fighting against one player who plays a villain.  Lionhead Studios wanted (and then didn’t want) to make clear that Legends is the only game on their plate and that no other Fable game (i.e. Fable 4) is currently in development. The following was posted on the official forums in a Q&A session:

Fable Legends is the only Fable core game in development, and we have no plans to make a sequel to Fable 3.

The news may seem distressing to some but in another light, shines some promise onto Fable Legends. The company did say that the game is a “near-exclusive priority” for the studio. Thats suggest that while it may not have the number and singleplayer to mark it as a part of the franchise’s central narrative, it’s being treated as such and needs to make up for the disappointment that was the Kinect-based Fable: The Journey.

For the conspiracy theorists out there, the forum post has since disappeared, removed entirely from the site. At a stretch this could perhaps suggest that the post was wrong and that there in fact plans for Fable 4 afoot. Don’t put much weight into that though.

Crackdown 3 Delayed

On the Crackdown side, despite dropping the game’s logo during the Xbox One’s unveiling, things are looking a little less rosy. In an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer explained that Crackdown is a franchise they want to explore further but one that also needs to find the right home. The series is currently without a studio since the first game’s developers Realtime Worlds are no more, and Ruffian Games who created the sequel has denied involvement. Spencer did say that he feels the game should keep to its British roots though.

“There was a nice UK sensibility to the way the game was developed. I think that’s important to the franchise as well.”

Do you think there should be another Crackdown? Has Lionhead Studios made the right call in resting their core series and exploring new pastures in the world of Albion?

Sources: Lionhead Studios, Eurogamer

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