MMOs in Open Beta for January 2013

The first month of this year will soon come to an end and it is time for DotMMO to summarize Top MMOs that have been or will be launched officially during this month. Now have a quick look at the following list and see if your “radar” misses anything.


Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an action MMORPG. In this game, you are exiled to the perilous world of Wraeclast and the only way to survive against all the odds are to take up whatever weapon you can get, form an invincible group with others, and take down all the monsters and challenge all the other players. The game blurs the distinction between different classes by enabling players to learn whatever skills they like regardless their classes.

Granado Espada Online

Granado Espada Online is a 3D MMORPG from South Korea-based IMC Games. Featuring a family establishing and management system, the game has rendered the single player-controlled group battles in a brand new way. Besides the traditional monster slaying and world exploring, the game also enables players to initiate duals whenever and wherever they like in a world full of beautifully crafted characters in fine costumes.

Guns and Robots

Guns and Robots is a 3D third-person shooter powered by Unity Engine. In this game, players can either select among hundreds of different parts or craft each part in any way they like to assemble their own robots and weapons. With their deadly robots, players can form alliances with their friends, explore various maps in different modes and crush all the other robots.

Age Of Wushu

Age of Wushu is an MMORPG with no class boundaries. Players develop their characters in any way as they see fit, learn to master the KungFu they prefer, and become whatever they want to be, such as a KungFu master or a beggar. This game exposes players to the martial arts of different schools from ancient China inside a world painted in Chinese traditional style.

DK Online

DK Online is an adult MMORPG set in the Roman Empire where players can choose among four races and classes and enjoy a different growth path. The game sports sexy characters, beautiful combat scenes and diversified maps. Players can enjoy the world and dungeon explorations and the PVP battling while developing diplomatic relations with other friends or turning against others and even participating in siege wars.


SMITE is an MOBA that plays in a similar way as DotA. Players start the session-based battles together with several friends against another team, sneak through the jungle, path and river, strive to destroy all the turrets and towers in the enemies’ base. The first team that completes that goal wins. SMITE differs from DotA in that it adopts an over-the-shoulder third-person view and player will not be able to see what is going on from a bird’s view and therefore have to be careful in every move and action.

Renaissance Heroes

Renaissance Heroes is an MMOFPS set in Renaissance period. In this game, players choose between the Pope and the Republic and then fight against the opposite side in various PVP and PVE scenarios. They will deploy all kinds of weapons, including hammer, machine gun and rail guns and accept missions to take down enemies in renowned cities including Florence and Milan.

Broken Realm

Broken Realm is a real-time MMORPG where players talk with NPCs around the world to accept missions, travel to the fields and dungeons to slay monsters of certain kinds, challenge boss monsters, and obtain generous rewards and huge amounts of experience. And to keep an edge in those battles, players have to upgrade weapons and armors and install superior gems onto those equipment.

City of Steam

City of Steam puts players in the explorations inside a realistically crafted world. They will encounter villains, fight against monsters such as bears and huge rats, and crawl dungeons and cellars. The game portrays an exciting exploring and battling experience in a dark world filled with dangers and mysteries. Players not only have to battle but also have to find their way out by discovering the keys to each gate they must pass through.

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