Tequatl the Sunless Rework Announcement at the Anniversary Bash!

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So, for those of you whom missed the PAX Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Bash Livestream (jeeze that is one long title) the newest announcement, coming two weeks after SAB is released, is a rework of the Megaboss Tequatl the Sunless. All new skills, the area around him has been revamped and the challenge all that more epic. While they did mention specific changes, we’ll let you get the full details at the Livestream recording of the event.


One thing we really specifically wanted to bring up, however, is the rewards that will be incoming with this revamp: A chance to drop special-skinned Ascended Weapons AND a change to get the all new Tequatl the Sunless Minipet. So you too can be a servant of Zhaitan while on the go!

Another interesting note is the LFG tool they will be adding in-game for players. This tool will allow you to start forming up parties way faster, see what classes are in the parties and even merge already formed parties. A huge improvement that will streamline this awesome game.

Finally this is just one rework they have planned. After they get feedback from Tequatl and see how players handle the new version we will most likely see reworks of other Megabosses. Buckle up kiddies, we may just see a zone-wide Megaboss!

Click the link for their Twitch Livestream! Link!

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