Book of Ashes: The Age of Dragons

Book of Ashes: The Age of Dragons is a card fighting game in which you build a deck of cards, fuse and evolve cards into a better one, and battle against monsters in the battle arena.

Battle Arena Rules:

Eneter the Arena:

Test your mettle against other heroes in the Battle Arena, and prove your worth as the one destined to save the Isles. Train and hone your battle strategies against monsters of all types, and earn magnificent prizes as you rise in the Arena Ranks.

Battle Tickets

Use a Battle Ticket to enter the Arena at any time. One ticket is good for three battles. Choose your Arena wisely, as you won’t be able to choose again until the Arenas close and reopen at the end of the week.

Arena Themes

There are two arenas, each of which holds a weekly tournament to test the strength of the heroes who enter. One Arena usually caters to new heroes just starting out, and limits are placed on the rarity of your cards if you choose to enter the Beginner’s Arena. The second Arena may have a special theme, or may simply be open to all in a free-for-all battle for the top.

Rankings and Rewards

Winning Battles in the Arena Earns you Battle Points, and the more points you have, the better your rank. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts at the end of each week when the results are tallied, so battle as much as you can before the Arena closes.

Arena Deck

Customize your deck to play to your strengths, and your opponents’ weakness. Remember, each Type has different strengths and weakness, and every card has a different skill to claim the advantage.


Book of Ashes: The Age of Dragons is an aesthetic success. It uses a set of much sharper, and more striking graphic cards than any of GREE’s Card games. But the game is devoid of a deep strategy that most of CCGs could offer.

Although the game’s gameplay is a bit different from what we’ve played, its PVE degenerates into something of boring tapping while its PVP is aiming to drive players to buy Gems.

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