Undead Slayer

Undead Slayer is an isometric action RPG developed by South Korea-based NHN Corporation. In the game, players take the role of Xiahou Dun, a renowned general from Three Kingdoms, whose job is to slay all the undead in the battlefields and to protect his master Cao Cao.


As in most RPG games, Players in Undead Slay need also accept quests, take a dialogue with NPCs and kill zombies in the battlefields. Meanwhile, players are able to recruit captains, and enhance weapons and skills to engage in more intense battles.

Speaking of controls, Undead Slayer plays differently from Heroes of Order & Chaos and Arcane Legends. You don’t directly control your avatar or the equipped captain most of the time. And the enemy can be attacked without targeting it. You slide touchscreen or tap at a point to move your character in one direction, and they will automatically hack and slash all the undead along the way. More often than not, they will change directions to attack nearby enemies. Therefore, beyond moving your avatar and unleashing the skills, you can only watch and wish he or she did move in the very direction you want it to.

Since your character always does things in his or her own way, you will find it challenging to move your character exactly to where you want to go. For instance, if you want to pick up the loots dropped from monsters like apples, steamed bread, you must take many attempts to get close to or even get across the items you want in order to pick up them. But it is quite interesting and you can develop your own strategy on how to control your character more efficiently in collecting those items while confronting zombies at the same time.

Although the game offers only a few skills for the character, the player can always enjoy the combat visuals more than they could imagine. The heroes sometimes randomly attack one single enemy, tear it into pieces with one single blow, and recover some health afterwards; their multiple critical attacks and captains’ powerful skills bring diversified damages within different ranges and with distinctive and breathtaking visual effects instead of just giving out glows in this way or another.

The game’s commitment to excellence lies in every detail rather than only in the flexible and visually stunning combat. It has adopted a new captain recruiting and deploying system. Players search any area of Wei Kingdom for an ideal combat companion, upgrade him or her with the spirits of other captains, and then equip the protagonist with them and slay zombies in the battlefields before applying the protagonist. Whenever they have lost all the health, they are automatically replaced by the protagonist. Of course, you can use the protagonist first, but it would be better to use the captains first to collect the soulstones for unleashing Xiahou Dun’s skills in later confrontations against huge hordes of zombies and the Boss.

Besides challenges in battlefields, players can also enjoy themselves in the bonus games. For example, players can move their characters riding on horses along the predetermined course while picking up as many coins as possible and avoiding the barricades now and then. Although the mechanics are roughly the same as in action games such as Temple Run 2, the unique sideways view and the horse riding elements add new twists and joy to the experience.

In a word, Undead Slayer is a quality action RPG which combines familiar mechanics with thrilling battles and stunning visuals into a remarkable experience throughout.

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