Aura Kingdom

Aeria Games, along with X-Legend Entertainment (the team behind Eden Eternal), is launching its biggest game to date: the epic and free-to-play Aura Kingdom. It features gorgeous anime-styled artwork, weapons-based classes, and a deep AI companion system. Team up with these valiant companions and other players as you journey through an expansive and beautiful fantasy world.


It doesn’t take long at all to take notice of the game’s jaw-dropping visual artwork. The world is full of detailed environments, exotic locations, curious creatures, and interesting characters. The animations are smooth so exploration and combat feels fluid and fast-paced.

The game’s unique weapon-based class system lets players choose one of eight weapon disciplines that each have their own set of active and passive skills. As players advance, they will gain the opportunity to learn a secondary weapon discipline and unique weapon combinations open up special combo skills. Weapons include the powerful axes and cannons, the technical swords and pistols, and the magical staves and harps.

Over the course of their adventures, players will team up with various powerful companions that are based on the deities and heroes of myths from all over the world. There are over 12 of these companions including Hercules, Ifrit, Valkyrie, and Mizukume. Each has its own battle stats, elemental affiliation, and special skills. There is also a unique combo skill for each combination of companion and weapon. An interesting companion AI system causes them to “remember” details of their adventures and conversations with the player character and develop different personalities as a result.

Aura Kingdom embraces its 3D nature and the world can be explored vertically just as well as horizontally. Double jumping, gliding, and enormous towers all serve to allow players to see the world from greater heights. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, including truly colossal bosses. Players can also explore the world by mount and many mounts will even allow mounted combat.

Players will have a great deal of customization over their character’s appearance and performance. A deep character creation tool gives players a veritable buffet of options from the get-go. The costume system lets players choose what it looks like their characters are wearing while still letting them enjoy the stat boosts of different gear. Beyond the differences that gear makes, each weapon class has a different playstyle and a unique skill tree. These skill trees are vast and will allow players to differentiate their own playstyle even from other players who use the same weapon types.

The world is wide and enchanting, yet foreign. Its up to players and their companions to brave the unknown, explore the wonders of the world, and defend the world and its people from the forces that want to destroy it. Of course, when you’re ready for a break from dungeon diving and monster slaying, you can always dive into the 10v10 PVP arena.

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