Colin Johanson PAX Interview

Colin did say that they want Ascended to be the last tier- thank the six!
Housing! YaY!

I watched this as well. He said that “he” hopes it is the last tier. He did not confirm that it will be the last tier.

He said he didn’t want to say it would be the last tier because 7 years down the road they might change their mind or someone might even buy the company, but as of now, there is no intention to add more tiers.

That’s a whole lot more than just he “hopes” it’s the last tier.

Why not just come right out and say it? Because any time anyone says anything, if it later changes at any point, people start calling Anet liars. I don’t blame him for hedging his bets.

So you agree that it is all pretty meaningless and if they change their mind they can announce new tier tomorrow.

Thank you.

No I didn’t agree to that at all. It’s because of people like you that he has to hedge his bets. People out there recording every single thing mentioned, discussed, thought about and calling it a promise.

I believe Colin has every intention of making this the last tier of gear and I believe that is likely to happen.

They made their own bed there.

Regardless of what they actually did or did not say a lot of people were unpleasantly surprised when they found out exotic was not the end of it. You can’t possibly deny the kittenstorm that it when ascended gear was announced. Anet even apologised in the end for how they handled it.

A lot of people were expecting a game with max stats set like in GW1. I believe that the original people who were working there years ago probably did have that in mind, but reality is it isn’t.

So people want some certainty from Anet and they’re not getting it. You’re right, they don’t want to make any definite statements with an eye on the future, but here’s the thing: a lot of people apparently do want a definite statement about this.

Anet is not owned by Anet for a while now. They don’t control their destinies any more. It is the reality of things and I understand why they don’t want to give a definite answer, but that’s just not good enough for a bunch of people out there.

And it’s their own fault that a lot of people have this expectation of them. Their tone has changed over the years and not everyone saw it. They certainly didn’t do anything to wake people up about it.

But this is what it has come to now. For me the reality is that the Anet I knew for years, no longer exists. For me that’s a harsh realisation because I very much enjoyed those years, but you can’t blame players for being upset about this.

It was a big discussion last year and it hasn’t been resolved to the satisfaction of the people who thought they were getting a game that had fixed max stats. Then it wasn’t and level cap raises were mentioned.

Say what you want Vayne, but this discussion won’t go away. It will keep coming back and it will only stop with all those people quitting the game.

It’s fair enough if Anet wanted to take a different direction, but they could’ve told people more clearly about this and they didn’t. They tried to sneak it in and it backfired.

Will the majority of players quit over this? I don’t think so, but it just doesn’t feel like they’ve been very honest over time.

Now they are being honest, a lot of people find out they don’t actually like what they are saying. Oh well, 3.5 million boxes sold…so kitten those players right?

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