Review: Anima: Gaia, Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams

Anima: Gaia, Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams

Explore the rich fantasy world of Anima like never before Gaia Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams is a supplement for the popular RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy, and it presents a wealth of details on the culture and geography of the world of Gaia. With Gaia Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams, players can enter the old continent, the heart of a world full of adventures, mysteries, and intrigues waiting to be discovered. Thirty countries and regions are described with geographical details so that the cities and the lifestyle of its inhabitants may be fully experiences. An elaborate full-color map is also included featuring the precise location and current political situation of each of these nations Players will also find a detailed chronology that states the most important events triggering the present situation of the sacred holy empire, as well as a compilation of stories that narrate some of the most relevant events of the old continent. They’ll also explore the most important myths and beliefs of the realm, from the church of abel to the spiritual traditions of the lillium This and more await in Gaia Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams

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