Day X

Day X is a horror social game on Facebook where players scout the areas in the World Map, discover the enemies nearby and attack the ones they should or want to battle with. Now and then, they can also search broken cars and abandoned buildings to see if there is any ammo or other helpful item.

The game is developed by PlayFlock, which recently published a game called Insanity.


The game sports overwhelming display of blood and gore. In the downtown or in the battles, you can easily spot creatures, casks, quilt or other things covered with thick blood and when you are attacked by the enemy, the whole interface would be stained with blood. The omnipresent blood and gore helped create a horrifying atmosphere which works perfectly with the game scary theme.

Battles take place in a specific scenario where the enemy, an offensive human being, or a mutant rat or something else, appears and moves after each turn. All you have to do is to aim your gun, which is the only thing you will see about your avatar, and deal as much damage on your enemy as possible and end their life before they claim yours. No expertise or trained operations is required. You only have to fire at the enemy wherever 100% damage can be inflicted and use the buffs and special items you purchase from the store whenever necessary. There is not much challenge in that process and whoever is willing to spend real money in purchasing the most powerful weapons are always the winners.

It would be ridiculous to expect shiny and brand-new structures and humans in tidy clothes from a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Nevertheless, the pictures in Day X are never detailed and clear enough for anyone to enjoy. Since places that allow for scouting and attacking are still few, and the combat scenes stay the same as long as you are challenging enemies from the same area, it wouldn’t take long before you are bored by the identical and unclear pictures.

When it comes to searches and collections in social games, the consummation of energy or its counterpart is always unavoidable. And that is still true in Day X. But the game has simplified searches and collections. Some of the cars, bushes, and buildings have special ring symbols on them whenever you mouse over them and you will find ammo and in few cases other items that will be used to purchase things in the store. Of course every time you click the ring symbol, you spend energy. But this simplified searching and collecting that involve only hovering over and clicking with basically the same results are much more tedious than they are in most social games where at least beautiful or cute characters rushing across the land to complete the activities as players have planned.

Day X offers a horrible and scary social gaming experience but fails to bring diversified and interesting game contents. The key elements, or the battles and the collections, turn out to be nothing but repetitively boring. For what it’s worth, Day X isn’t the kind of game you would love and linger on.

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