Landmark Build Out Contests (New RT Format)

Blog from Dave Georgeson, Director of Development:

So launch has been a blast, but where do we go from here?

We’re putting together a plan. It should roll out very soon so that you can give us feedback. We intend to tell you what we’re doing, and why.

As a teaser for that plan, let’s talk about the state of the game right now. You can build and you can craft. What’s there is fun, but the systems are not yet fully-fleshed out and there’s a lot more to come.

While we’re building that “lots more to come”, we want you to push the aspects of the systems we already have in the game. And to let you do that, we’re going to bolster those systems quite a bit so that you can do more.

We’ll be focusing on communications, rating systems, and ways for you to cooperate with each other on building and harvesting as our first order of business, and that stuff will start appearing to you on a rapid basis. At the same time, we’ll also have folks working on the bigger systems (combat, water, AI, etc.) so that those systems are eventually ready also, but at a slower pace. A detailed list will be presented to you soon!

We’re also going to start running building contests. Yup. One of the first ideas is a contest for building Landmarks! Yup. We hope that each island hub will have an identifying Landmark with it that makes it easy to tell the islands apart, even between worlds. We’d like it a lot if those identifying features came for you folks, the Alpha team. So would you like your name immortalized on a plaque at a hub? Yes? Okay…then start thinking of your next Landmark!

Anyway, there’s lots more to come. So stay tuned!
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