The Final Word on PvP Multiboxing

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After last week’s removal of the /follow command in Warfronts/Conquest, Daglar has been involved in a forum discussion with players regarding their PvP experiences since the change. For the most part, players are supportive about the intended removal of Warfront multiboxing. Daglar made a followup post in the same thread Friday where he made one last statement regarding multiboxing in PvP and how it has affected RIFT:

Originally posted by Daglar (Source)

This change is not a direct result of “just some people complaining on the forums”. This issue has been discussed internally since we changed the business model – we’ve been afraid that the amount of multi-boxing in certain environments would increase due to the fact that there is no longer a barrier to playing the game.

We’ve been watching the issue, and it has been on the rise. The number of multi-boxers out there is not astronomically high as some people claim. The number of /in game/ feedback reports on the issue has been steadily on the rise since our conversion.

I really want to embrace as many play styles as possible for RIFT. I really do. I don’t want to turn away players.

Unfortunately certain play styles combined with specific activities (such as Warfronts), results in a sub-optimal experience for other users. When a single user has the potential – and be clear it is only ever potential – to cause another user to exit the game that simply isn’t good for anyone. It isn’t good for the multi-boxer, it isn’t good for the person being killed by the multi-boxer, and it isn’t good for the business.

I know this decision is polarizing – taking no action was also polarizing. We cannot make everyone happy all the time though we strive to, and we make decisions that we feel are best for the game. I’m deeply sorry that this conflicts with how some of you enjoyed playing the game up until now.

Elrar also added in a different thread that Trion has no intentions of preventing multiboxing in open world PvE or PvE instances.

Trion’s open level of communication with this issue, as always, has been welcome. Speaking of communication, in case you missed the news last Thursday, Scott Hartsman’s back in the Trion house! While he’ll be overseeing all of Trion’s games this time around and not just RIFT, this could be a very good thing for everyone who enjoys any of Trion’s games.

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