Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile now extends the social gaming experience of Facebook-based Dragon City to iOS devices. In the game, players breed dragons of different types, hatch new eggs, deploy required habitats, and cultivate food in the farms. The dragons produce gold and after they grow or level up, they would bring more gold. With that gold, you can purchase habitats, decorations, expansions, and even islands, and clean rocks and trees. Once dragons reach level 4, they can breed with other dragons to produce new species and can battle in the tournament or the combat world. The gameplay in Dragon City Mobile is the identical with the original Facebook version.


Dragon City Mobile doesn’t just bring the original gameplay, it also retains the tedious long waits, incredibly expensive purchasable, and intense focus on social elements. Players have to wait for increasing hours to breed an egg (say, 12 long hours) and then another 8 or 10 hours to hatch the egg. The habitats, new eggs, and expansions in the shop are unreasonably expensive and players would have to leave the game for a very long time so that the dragons would produce enough gold for those purchases. And to obtain access to some functions, for example, to put the stadium and tavern into use, or purchase expansion for a relatively low price, players constantly have to ask for friends’ help.

Dragon City Mobile does embrace some promising alterations. The game interface is simplified, with only four main buttons available: quest, menu, shop and settings. Players will have to tap those buttons or specific structures to view what they should or could do. The shop interface, which now features bigger and slidable pictures, allows for better view of the purchasable and a relaxing purchasing experience.

However, not all the changes are welcomed. For instance, the diversified dragons sometimes cannot be seen clearly, and so are the islands, habitats and other structures. And since there is no more dragon book available, players cannot check what dragons they have collected in one single attempt. Instead, they will have to check every habitat one by one, which certainly reduces the enjoyment in playing a dragon-themed simulation game where the real fun lies in the collecting of various breeds. To make it worse, the game transfers players to Facebook whenever they intend to invite and hire friends, or send gifts, which interrupts the game all the time.

It is good to have the one game we love available on iPad and iPhone. The classic gameplay and simplified interface can easily awaken the fondness of Dragon City in our hearts. Sadly, the pictures are often unclear and the waits are often too long, leaving players with no options but to spend more and more cash or only check on the progression on a daily basis.

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