Heroes Social

Heroes Social is an upcoming MMORPG that bears a strong resemblance to Wings of Destiny in terms of visual designs, gameplay and back story. Actually, both of the games are developed by the same team of China-based IGG (Kingdoms Social and Dawn of Darkness), and chances are they are using the same game engine.


The game takes a player-friendly learning curve: you will learn how to find NPCs, accept missions, unleash attacks, and kill monsters gradually through linear quests. As a matter of fact, you will not select class before you are level 21. In that case, the upgrading in early process would be incredibly fast, as is always the case in browser-based MMORPGs such as Clash of Olympus, The Lost Titans and Chrono Tales. There is always something waiting to be unlocked as you level up, including mount, pet, armory, and PVP battles.

It is up to you whether to go around the world to complete various quests or just finish the multi-player dungeons with friends. The quests are classified based on different attributes. You can enjoy the story by following main quests, obtain extra experience points by doing side quests, or get generous rewards through fulfilling bounty quests. Those quests don’t necessarily revolve around killing monsters. They sometimes ask you to chop down trees (though sometimes only tree stumps), collect herbs, or mine rocks.

Although the game mistakenly includes Social in its name, it never gets intense social elements as Facebook social titles always do. Perhaps the material collecting shares something in common with what you encounter in those titles – you consume stamina in collecting items and once you run out of energy, you can only wait for it to replenish over time or take energy potion for a quick refilling. But that would be the only thing in common. Players gain experience through the collecting and gradually upgrade their related living skills, including fishing, hunting, collecting, lumbering, and mining. Those skills enable players to craft better weapons, armors and even potions by themselves. Amusingly, players sometimes also need a ride to travel to some distant places. And once get killed, they will see a tomb on the spot where they lost their last drop of blood.

Automatic navigating and fighting are both available. Since the game is not that “smart”, players still have to watch their characters closely during battles because characters can easily run out of HP or MP due to an inappropriate use of the potions and skills through the automatic combat system. Even when it is automatically navigating, the characters stop in some cases and you have to walk them by yourselves.

If Heroes Social has anything unique, it must be the instance. Players don’t explore dungeons, fight against dozens of minion monsters or battle powerful bosses. Instead, they stand in the middle of a hall, at an intersection, or in front of an invisible gate, and then defend against waves of monsters. The first two dungeons are easy enough to be playable to single players while the subsequent ones are challenging enough for you to enjoy the defensive battles.

Although Heroes Social might not be the game with eye-catching visuals and unique gameplay, it does combine several classic elements in one package and is still appealing enough.

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