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Kingdoms Social is a strategy game that’s specially designed for Facebook users. It is developed by IGG, the maker of the latest MMO Wings of Destiny. The trademark of Kingdoms Social brand has already been registered by IGG SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. at the time of writing (December 10, 2012).


Set against the background of ancient Rome, Kingdoms Social focuses on more than warfare, allowing players to build barracks, shelters and other basic buildings. But one of striking features is that players can automatically build what is available to build almost without the limit of building queues. This gives players full priority to focusing on the real-time strategy.

On the surface, the game feels like a web version of “Age of Empires”, or a clone of Forge of Empires. After you have completed the basic tutorial, you could see many features similar to Forge of Empires although the details vary from one to the other. For example, Forge of Empires features several eras, each of which is characterized by different units, technologies and buildings. This mechanic simply conforms to the formula of Kingdoms Social, which at the moment lets players access to Roman, Feudal, Dark and Artist. On the other hand, the color scheme used in the game from buildings to the whole environment is basically the same, and what is different is Forge of Empires has HD graphics and players can zoom in and out to see textures of buildings and surroundings, while Kingdoms Social seems a bit overshadowed because it does not support the function of “Zoom in or out”.

As long as you’ve finished building something, you might realize Kingdoms Social is so complex that it incorporates many familiar stuff from MMORPG. It is not a traditional strategy game where players only train troops and lead them to battle against others. Instead, there are many factors determining the battle result. Heroes in the game are classified into Normal, Super and Legendary and they are shown in different color with different ability. Heroes can also learn skills to increase their power and attack. Also, heroes can be upgraded with Caliber, which could increase hero’s skill and combat. Apart from these, Heroes can also be armed with equipment; heroes can level up, and heroes can be enhanced and sealed.

There are many options that lets you feel like playing a MMORPG instead of a strategy game. The concept of “Crafting” is ubiquitous in Kingdoms Social. When your Monarch has reached level 25, the “Mine Gems” function will be unlocked. Not only the Gems can be granted to Heroes, but they can be refined into different quality ones with different gems. And they are also categorized into quality like Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Another factor that has a great effect on battle results is the weapon or armor. In fact, they can also be enhanced with some premium items and cash.

Kingdoms Social describes itself as a social game. However, there are few social options compared to the real social game FarmVille. Basically, players can make a wish at their own or their friend’s Wishing Pool every day. Making a wish at the Wishing Pool will be rewarded with various gifts and increase Wishing Pool EXP. While using stamina can speed up an ally’s harvest, which in turn earns you EXP. Players can also join a guild to communicate with guild members or discuss strategy with them. Anyway, the social part does not play a big role in the game.

The longer you play Kingdoms Social, the more complex and expansive you will come to know it. With so many features embedded into Kingdoms Social, you will finally have to face a tough time when you are short of Crystals or Cash. Without them, you can do nothing. But how to get them? Buy! that is the direct way and perhaps the only way to access all of that.

After three day’s playing, we are still unable to access all features because some troops or heroes can hardly be hired if we do not spend money on it. If someone loves complex strategy games like StormFall age of War, perhaps Kingdoms Social is a more challenging game for such gamers.

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