Guild Wars 2 WvW Season 1: Congratulations, Winners!

For the last seven weeks, brave heroes have been going into the Mists to battle for the glory of their world and prove their world’s dominance in WvW Season 1. On Friday, December 6, Season 1 ended and six worlds across the North American and European leagues were rewarded with the proof of their prowess.

Congratulations to Blackgate, Fort Aspenwood, and Henge of Denravi for their impressive performances in the North American leagues and to Vizunah Square, Desolation, and Drakkar Lake for their victories in the European leagues! You’ll be able to spot the champions who aided these worlds by their dolyak trophy finishers!


Everybody who participated in the season and earned the Premier Season Veteran meta achievement will be rewarded with a Mini Dolyak and a reward chest based on their worlds’ performance.

We’d like to thank everyone for doing their world proud in this inaugural season. Seasons will be making a return next year, and we’ve got plans for new, more competitive matchups!

Until then, we’ll see you on the battlefield!