Kingdom Conquest II

Kingdom Conquest II is a free to play mobile game where countless players can both team up and oppose each other during a 4-month period to battle for survival.The game’s objective is to become the new ruler of the continent.

The game is split into the Combat Part, where players enter Dungeons in order to win Monster Cards; the City Part, where players develop their cities to build powerful troops and prepare for battle; and the War Part, where players’ Monsters battle each other for supremacy.

The objective of Kingdom Conquest II is to capture the “Debris Towers” scattered around the continent. Once the game period is over, the players with the most “Debris Towers” will be declared winners. Should one Alliance maintain control over every last Debris Tower, that Alliance’s Lord will be declared as the new ruler, and can receive certain special rewards.

The in-game clock runs at exactly the same speed as the real world.For instance, if the construction of a certain facility takes 15 minutes, it will be completed in exactly 15 minutes, regardless of whether the game is exited or power of the device is turned off. This allows players to compete against one another where city and battle conditions can change by the minute.

Developing your facilities will raise your home territory’s capabilities. Gain various effects by constructing different facilities, and gain even more by increasing the level of the facilities. Home territory can be expanded by completing quests, providing you additional space to develop your city.

Kingdom Conquest II is composed of game periods. A system message is sent around 1 month before the end of a given period. There is a preparation period in between each game period.

During the preparation period players can view their game history on the profile page.Viewing is the only action available, players cannot build facilities or dispatch for instance. When the preparation period is over, the game is reset and a new game period begins.


Kingdom Conquest II doesn’t differ much from its predecessor. The most impressive and noticeable difference between the two is the presentation. The new follow-up demonstrates excellence of what a mobile RPG can cultivate in graphics and narration and a city-building mechanic can be seamlessly inserted into the RPG formula, yet all serving the final battle challenges. And the final result is remarkably great than any single formula works independently.

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