Community Over Convenience

So alright, I admit, I’m new and don’t know all too much about EQN, so maybe I’m way off base. If I am, so be it I’m alright with that. I can only speak from my past experiences playing on Rallos Zek and playing new games that followed in the coming years. They all lacked something, I could feel it from the moment I started playing, always. They lacked that wonder, the awe of starting a journey that you didn’t know where it would take you, that it would be difficult, but others before you had done it and so shall would you. Games these days, lack substance. They hash out great graphics, ideally non-broken game play, and to a lesser degree they do well, but it’s more a shotgun approach than really striving to be great, to be something defining. Everquest was defining, it was great, it didn’t meld into the masses of mediocrity, it pioneered. It wasn’t scared to punish players, even new players, it wasn’t scared to make you group at level 7, lest you really have no chance of doing anything interesting, besides kill beetles for hours on end. I think this is something we need back in today’s games, and I think it sets the foundation for a community driven environment, versus log on and play your own solo game, and maybe run into someone you choose to group with, if you don’t, no biggie. I mean, for some people, that style of game play is okay, but what if they loved a community style game even more? They’d never know, because I’ve yet to find one since EQ honestly, though that’s hardly fair of me, I haven’t played a game in over 5 years, save for a few Xbox titles of passing interest. So my question, I guess, if there had to be one, would be what would be the benefits and drawbacks of harboring a community centered game, that we all grew so fond of back in 1999? And if it was decided to be something worth looking into, what aspects and traits would the game have to possess to create this atmosphere? I think they are questions worth looking in to, in one persons humble opinion. Thoughts?

Edit: It’s one thing to have awesome game mechanics, they are necessary to stay relevant in today’s world. But mechanics don’t give people a deep rooted desire to skip school and call in sick to work, just because they planned on crawling a dungeon today to camp out some item for a quest they’ve been struggling to complete. It doesn’t replace that sense of wondering what your "computer friends" are up to, wishing you could quit whatever you’re doing so you could just get back to the computer. I think to a degree that essence is still there, but it’s been lost a great deal to embrace a generation of gamers that the industry believes would be off-put by this style of world. I don’t know, maybe they are right, I mean…. what the hell do I know. They’ve got market research, all that ****. Maybe it’s just my gut, maybe it’s just me reminiscing on a better time, but I feel like our gamers of today could more than handle the stress of a difficult game, one that drew people together, rather than set them apart. I mean, we all loved it, right?
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