Darkfire Galaxies

Darkfire Galaxies is a sci-fi browser-based space building game where the player builds his or her space by constructing some buildings like Shipyard, Secure Hanger, Recruitment Agency, etc., and ultimately engage in the galaxy war with thousands of other players.

Like Kabam’s Imperium Galactic War, Darkfire Galaxies allows you to manage your your space through a series of activities like collecting resources, attacking other players and upgrade hero commander fleets. Meanwhile, you can learn special abilities that can be used to attack enemy fleets.

The game can be divided into three views: Surface, Orbit and Galaxy. On the surface view of your planet, you can collect resources, build and upgrade facilities, and research skills. The orbit view, you can build and assign defenses, deploy fleets in order to protect your planet resources. If you are ready to attack other players or NPCs like Dragon or Onith, you can navigate to the Galaxy View to attack them and loot their resources.

The core mechanic of the game is the Battle system that allows you view battle, control your fleets by attacking and defending your planet. In this interface, you can also use other items to maximize your victory.


Darkfire Galaxies is just in closed beta and we will have a full review soon.

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