Legends Of Dawn

Set in the fantasy world, Legends Of Dawn is a 3D online RPG in an isometric view developed by Dreamatrix. The game offers three different races including Human, Elf and Danian (both genders available), over 150 monsters and a system of sacrifice, which are delivered under the day-night and weather-affected world.

In the game, the player sets out on a journey in the open, large and rich world where each player is able to perform a series of quests to master new skills, gain experience points, ability and resistance scores as well as collect dropped items necessary to craft weapons and armors.

Technically, Legends Of Dawn uses the streaming technology, providing an infinitely massive world in which all playing data and assets to be encountered along the adventure will be seamlessly loaded in background and no restrictions hurdle in the way. That is to say, no matter players travel through any locations like dungeons, mountains, swamps, or islands, they will not suffer latency and lag.


Legends Of Dawn is currently being developed and the developer has already set a kickstarter fund-raising campaign. The full review may not be available until the developer lifts the embargo of the review.

MMORPG, MMO, Online Games for free

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