Dogs of War Online

Dogs of War Online is a free-to play online strategy game where players create their own army of mercenaries and fight others in turn-based tactical battles. The game draws heavily from Confrontation, the eponymous board game published by Rackham Entertainment.

There are 24 unique units to choose out of three playable factions: Light, Darkness, and Destiny. Each of the unit is endowed with distinct characteristics and abilities. Players can use their army points to pick up their mercenaries out of these units and compose a well-customized army.

An original quest system allows players to test their strategic skills and their army’s strength, as well as earn valuable resource points, which can be used to upgrade the units. When everything is ready, players can send their army to fight opponents in intense turn-based tactical battles through various gaming modes, ranging from “ Team Deathmatch” to “Kill the commander”.

The battleground is formed by a board of hexagonal boxes, which confines the movement and attack range of the units. The strategic challenge actually lies in how players choose their units and how to take effective steps to inflict the heaviest casualties on the enemy side.

Since January 30, Dogs of War Online has entered the open beta phases. Anyone interested could download it at its official website or on the steam store

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