All Pokemon Go Eggs Will Produce Generation 3 Pokemon

This week, developer Niantic added a new set of Pokemon to Pokemon Go, all from Generation 3’s Hoenn region. Recently, the studio also revealed that, for a limited time, any egg you find will hatch a Pokemon from Hoenn.

This means that there’s another way to grab Hoenn Pokemon that doesn’t involve stumbling across them by chance. Niantic announced the news on Twitter alongside a video of an egg hatching into Torchic, one of the starting Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire.

23 new Hoenn Pokemon were added this week. In the past month, Niantic has added 70 additional Gen 3 Pokemon. In addition, a Gen 3 Legendary, Kyogre, is also available right now. Players can encounter the Pokemon in Raid Battles until February 14.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic recently began a series of real-world events called Community Days. The first event, which took place last weekend, allowed players to try and catch a Pikachu that can use Surf. The next Pokemon Go Community Day will take place on February 24 and will focus on Dratini.