Life is Magic

Life is Magic is a location-based MMORPG in which you travel across real locations to compete with other players, combat monsters and hunt for treasures.

Class Characters:

Machinists harness the power of Electricity to charge their magic. Using their superior intellect to craft armor and weaponry, they slowly convert themselves to machine parts. Their spark and metal speciality makes them strong against water and wind creatures.

Mages harnesses the power of Fire and Earth to practice in Magic . Fire spells are effective against Ice Monsters, natural Beasts and the Undead. Mages specializing in Earth magic can cast mighty earthquakes and command nature to swallow and crush their foes.

Spiritual, Turtle like creatures, their spells harness the power of Wind and Water. Effective against fire creatures, they can heal themselves or their party to help in the continued fight, but never underestimate their Drunken Kung fu when things get more intimate.


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