Dawngate is a MOBA developed by Waystone Games and published by EA. Featuring a rich lore, a unique economic system powered up by special resource nodes and energy system, and intense territorial competitions, the game infuses something new to the pack of MOBAs.


Tower, called “Binding”, serves as your base, and is warded by Striders. An energy-based “Circuit” ties the whole systems together, allowing fallen Bindings to regenerate if enough energy reaches them, indicating energy flowing through lanes can be fought over and re-directed depending on which towers are left standing.

The game also sports unique resource hubs called Spirit Wells which are located in the four corners of a standard 5v5 map. When captured, these Spirit Wells will spawn AI workers to harvest resources automatically and grant Vim, the game’s currency for your team. This means if your enemies are not fight off in time, they can kill your workers in a resource-line raid, and steal the resource node to their side.

As for to items in the game, they stray away from traditional sets too. You are offered items like Life, Resilience, Will, Power, Hunger, and Time etc, which are specially designed to match and boost your heroes.

With the tough resource grabbing and territorial competitions at its core, Dawngate challenges you to build a strong team, strategically deploy them, attack with precision and efficiency while defending and maintaining a thriving economy back at home.

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