Rise of Immortals: Battle for Graxia – First Look

Rise of Immortals: Battle for Graxia – First Look

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Rise of Immortals: Battle for Graxia is a team-based PvP online game. Players get into the action by joining the game queue for the scenario of their choice as either a solo player or as a group. To keep games fair and balanced, the matchmaker automatically pairs you with other players of like skill and account level against players of similar skill and power. For those players who want a more casual experience, Battle for Graxia offers the option to create and join Custom games.

In BakermanBrad’s latest First Look you’ll be exploring the world of Graxia through the eyes of the immortal Pycon, a tanky beast of a character. While slaying foes and stomping through rivers of death, we will talk about the game play, the user interface, the items, and let you all know how Battle for Graxia compares to some of the most popular MOBA games out there.

Battle for Graxia is completely free to download and offers free-to-play content alongside premium options for a minimal fee of either Prestige (earned in-game currency) or Petroglyph Coin (real money transaction) price point.