Guild Wars 2 Phoenix Weapons, New Faces, and More in the Gem Store!

It’s an exciting week for the Black Lion Trading Company! We’ve got a brand-new set of weapon skins, new faces in Total Makeover Kits, an adorable Mini Piglet, the return of the Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack, and a Killstreak Experience Booster revamp! Read on to learn all about this week’s Black Lion Trading Company activity.

  • New Faces in Total Makeover Kits!

    We’ve expanded the Total Makeover Kit with three new faces for every race and gender combination!

  • New—Phoenix Weapons!

    These brand-new Phoenix weapon skins are as elegant as they are intimidating! Phoenix skins can be bought from Black Lion Weapon Traders with claim tickets found in Black Lion Chests.

  • New—Mini Piglet!

    This little side of ambulatory bacon can be your forever friend! Remember, each spring mini is available for only one week, so you’ll have to act quickly to adopt one of these Mini Piglets!

  • Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack

    The Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack is back for a limited time! Kookoochoo the Incredulous, Poowulpi the Persnicketous, and Peggellegg the “Pirate” are three daring quaggans with a hankering to see the world!

  • Killstreak Experience Booster Rework

    Killstreak Experience Boosters now last for an hour and provide a temporary XP bonus that stacks up to 100% as you kill more creatures. Killstreaks last 60 seconds from your most recent kill and can be restarted as often as necessary within the hour.

  • Get More Gold!

    Remember that you can exchange gems and gold at our currency exchange on the second tab of the Black Lion Trading Company! Currently, you can get 1 gold for about 15 gems and 50 gold for about 670 gems!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!