Farm Epic

Farm Epic is a Facebook-based match 3 puzzle game from 6Waves behind games like Astro Garden, Forbidden Garden. The game features crisp background music, easy level mechanic and various magical items that can help create wonderful effects.


  • Hank Horse doesn’t horse around, he gets right down with the Hats, which can transform vegetables to the same kind you last matched.
  • Riley Rabbit’s ready with his trusty Bag, which harvest several vegetables of one kind.
  • Samuel Sheep keeps the farm in tip tidy shape with the Rake, which harvests entire column of vegetables all at once.
  • Billy Bull watches over the farm and can lend a hand or hoof wich a Sickle, great for harvesting areas of vegetables.
  • Patrick Pig is a helpful hog with a Watering Can, which doubles vegetables when used.


  • Shovel: remove moles mole hill, worms, vines, and normal crops
  • Gross Rake: Harvest an entire row and column of crops you select
  • Magic Bag: Harvest all crops of 1 kind you select

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