To The Death

To The Death is a mash-up of beat ‘em up and shoot ‘em up from a team of industry vets — Scary Mostro (Call of Duty series, Titanfall) and Section Studios (God of War series). The game follows two warriors locked in intense vendettas against each other. In fact, they have already killed each other, but their fight continues in The Crawl, the space between life and death.

In their fight during life, the two warriors decimated their lands to ash. They find themselves on opposite sides of The Crawl and are running headlong at each other, destroying everything in their way. This is the story of their cataclysmic final battle. You will take control of one of these warriors, and play a stage packed with waves of enemies. Each warrior has a gun, sword, and shield. Oh, and they can fly. Taking out enemies and completing optional objectives earns you experience that unlocks new powers. As you advance through your run, you customize your warrior on the fly, preparing him for the final battle.

As fate would have it, the warriors meet in the middle of The Crawl, where the massive Crawl King resides as an epic final boss. The warriors work together to take him down, but only so they can proceed to their fight to the death (hence the game’s title). In the single-player campaign, players will alternate playing as each warrior, moving around the overworld map and playing or replaying any level they have unlocked. The game can also be played cooperatively or in splitscreen head-to-head. As you and your rival run towards your final clash, you have to keep an eye on the upgrades your opponent is choosing so you can adapt your own strategy accordingly.

Experience is earned for stylish moves and kills. The cooler the kill, the bigger the experience gain. Fancy kills include launching one enemy at another or deflecting an enemy’s shot back at it. The combat system runs deep and the controls are tight. The warriors have full 360-degree control of their guns, swords, and shields. As a warrior levels up, he unlocks new powers and perks. When he hits a certain milestone in his run, he’s presented with three random powers and perks he’s unlocked, and he can pick one to keep. Powers boost or replace a warrior’s basic abilities to shoot, slash, and defend. Examples include shots that stun, melee attacks that include a long dash, and magnetic shields that draw enemies nearby. Perks help a warrior stack the odds in his favor. Examples include allowing a warrior to reroll the three choices he’s been given or a fourth random power to choose from.

Randomness and multiple ways to customize your character on the fly provide a fresh and exciting experience each time you play. The game is designed to be playable in short bursts or for hours at a time. It features a massive overworld map to explore, lots of unlockables, and intense combat. The guys behind it are obviously excited and passionate about their project. They claim To The Death’s unique genre-blending provides a gaming experience like you’ve never had before.

To The Death is currently slated for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Vita.

You can find To The Death on Kickstarter here.

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