EQN Landmark – Forums & Trailblazer Access

EQN Landmark now has its own website (www.eqnlandmark.com) and its own forums (forums.station.sony.com/eqnlandmark).

If you have purchased the Trailblazer Founder’s Pack, two of your perks are:

  • Early Access to the Alpha/Beta Forums
  • Forum Title: Trailblazer

The Alpha/Beta forums and the exclusive titles come up on the Landmark forums only (not over here :)).

If you are not logged in or have not purchased a Trailblazer pack, you will only be able to post in this News & Announcements section. You may also see a section called "Access the EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha Forums," which redirects to the Founder’s Pack page.

Once you purchase a Trailblazer pack, upon logging in to the forums you will be see a new title under your handle (Trailblazer), new avatar options, and new set of forums called "EverQuest Next Alpha Forums." If you have purchased a Trailblazer pack and are not seeing the title/avatar/forums, please try the following:

  • Log out completely from the forums and any other SOE websites (like SOE.com) and log back in.
  • Clear your cookies/cache and try relogging
  • Check your purchase confirmation page and make sure your transaction has gone through
  • Make sure you created your forum handle on the same station account where you purchased the pack
  • Make sure you didn’t purchase the pack as a gift. :) If you made a gift purchase, you’ll need to redeem the code on your account before your Trailblazer status will show up here.

If you’ve tried all of these steps and you’re still not seeing the forum benefits, please send me a direct message on the Landmark forums and I’ll have our tech guys take a look at your account.

Thanks! :)

EverQuest Next