Godsrule is a cross-platform strategy game from Gogogic behind Vikings of Thule and Soft Freak Fiesta. In the new game, players gather resources, train units, upgrade harbors, battle against enemies and expand territories.


One can totally enjoy the typical strategy gaming in this game. Players build and upgrade farm, lumber mill and mine to produce the resources, train various units for incoming battles, and construct structures that will unlock new functions or grant more resources or advanced units. Once they’ve got enough units from the barracks, players can start battles in both the battle map and eliminate enemies in the ruins.

Godsrule bears some similarities to social titles in multiple respects. Players won’t construct or complete a farm and then simply have endless food in the vault waiting to be used. They have to collect the resources at regular intervals; otherwise, the resource structures would produce no more once the resources have reached their storage limits. The game also offers diversified characters and structures in a light green world, where all the structures can be moved, demolished, and upgraded.

Godsrule incorporates a unique battle approach. Instead of simply training units, determining the formations, choosing the targets and then waiting for the reports, they now have to control the units in the battles. You add available units to the battle ship and then head for a place, choose the units to deploy whenever you want, choose targets for each of them, for example, a bee to battle against, a chest to claim, or a special item to capture in order to win the victory. During the battle, you deploy the units through a portal, and you have to protect it from attacks by the opposing side, because once the portal is destroyed, you will not be able to send any more unit or use any spell.

That battle experience is special and so are the controls. You do all the actions by clicking on the screen all the time. No matter how urgent it is to deploy a new unit, you always have to move your current units away so that the portal would be accessible for the new comer. These characters in Godsrule won’t find the battle targets themselves in most cases, so you have to click them and then the targets even when they are at the moment being attacked by those targets. The game allows for control over multiple units at the same time, which would be of much help when more units are deployed. A good set of strategies might also help, for example, to train only the most useful units and combine them in battles.

Godsrule neatly fuses social elements with a typical strategy experience while incorporating unique and challenging battles. And it turns out to be excellent.

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