‘Destiny’ ViDoc Talks Weapons & Matchmaking; New Screenshots From Gamescom

Nobody needed to know the premise of Bungie‘s next game series to get on board, but it’s fair to say that Destiny surprised some of the studio’s most devoted fan base. Thrusting players (once again) into a far-off future, the game looks to grant players unparalleled character customization, with new mechanics they hope will ‘revolutionize’ the modern shooter.

The game’s first full gameplay trailer showed how dangerous the world beyond humanity’s last city can get, and the E3 demo – now available to view online – proved that Bungie hadn’t forgotten how to design a solid, cooperative shooter. The new ViDoc title ‘Out Here in the Wild’ goes into further detail on the unique environments – and planets – players can look forward to exploring throughout Destiny‘s world, and how that variety, and teamwork, will help write the next chapter for the studio.

It was a known fact that Bungie has some experience in crafting thrilling cinematic trailers – Destiny‘s was no exception – but if you start making claims about customizable weapons, classes, perks and abilities, you’d better offer some examples to convince gamers that it’s more than simple lip service. Thankfully, the new ViDoc illuminates several new mechanics to please RPG fans.

Along with the video comes a fresh batch screenshots in honor of Gamecom 2013, providing further evidence that this game will sport some stunning designs:

It’s no secret that customizable weapons – divided into Primary, Special and Heavy categories for Destiny – are all the addiction some loot fans require to invest hours upon hours, and the developers have already admitted that they learned plenty from the loot and social play on display in Borderlands. Whether their game can sport as wild or expansive an arsenal as Gearbox‘s remains to be seen, but with a new approach to matchmaking and good old-fashioned competitive multiplayer, the team looks to have their hands full regardless.

While excitement over the next-gen possibilities of games like Destiny builds, there are still plenty of questions that remain unanswered. Bungie admits that welcoming more gamers into their online world than ever before poses serious issues in dealing with trolls or griefers, but have yet to even confirm that a PC release is in their future (a strange holdout, given the similar architecture across all platforms).

We’ll keep you updated as studios offer their own solutions, but for now, tell us your own hopes – or nagging conerns – regarding Destiny in the comments below.

Destiny is expected to release in 2014 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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