Ridley Scott and Battlestar Galactica director working on new Halo project

The Halo TV series with Steven Speilberg is still in the works, but Microsoft has another non-game project to announce. And this one involves Ridley Scott.

A press release from Microsoft today stated, “343 Industries, Xbox Entertainment Studios and Scott Free Productions are proud to announce a new Halo digital feature project to be released later this year.”

Ridley Scott will serve as an executive producer and Sergio Mimica-Gezzan ( (who directed several episodes of the Battlestar Galactica TV series) will direct.

Few other details are currently available for this “digital feature project,” but given that very specific designation, it’s probably safe to assume that it’ll be less of a standard Hollywood movie and something more along the lines of the critically well-received Halo: Forward Unto Dawn project.

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