‘Dragon Age III’ Coming To Next-Gen Consoles?

While we’re still waiting for more official Dragon Age III news, internet sleuth Superannuation spotted a LinkedIn profile that appears to point towards the game releasing on consoles of the next-gen variety.

Back in September, BioWare confirmed that development on Dragon Age III is well under way. The company didn’t divulge very many details beyond that, only promising that we’d know more once BioWare had something proper to show off to the public.

The announcement without anything to show was a little strange, admittedly, and it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that Dragon Age III could be targeted for next-generation consoles when you consider that BioWare neglected to mention any platforms in its announcement.

“Scope of the DAIII has been chaged [sic], which will target next gen platform [sic] and will be postpone [sic] to 2014,” reads the LinkedIn profile of EA Shanghai level designer Tao Gu.

EA and BioWare originally said that Dragon Age III would be due out by “late” 2013, but Gu’s profile suggests that it may have been pushed back a little bit. It’s possible that the developer internally pegged Dragon Age III for a fiscal 2014 release date, which starts April 1 of next year for EA, and thus is still on track.

Whatever console Dragon Age III ends up on, we know that it will be powered by DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, and that the studio is taking fan criticism of Dragon Age II to heart.

“We’ve been poring over player feedback from past games and connecting directly with our fans,” executive producer Mark Darrah said in September. “They haven’t held back, so we’re not either. With Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, we want to give fans what they’re asking for – a great story with choices that matter, a massive world to explore, deep customization and combat that is both tactical and visceral.”

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