Alchemy Knights

Alchemy Knights is a 3D anime-style MMORPG available on iOS devices. In the game, players control bobblehead figures, slay monsters, awaken the Elemental Knights inside themselves, and then battle against the Dark King.

Alchemy Knights is published by 6Waves, which also publishes games such as Lucky Battle, Forbidden Garden and Rooms of Memory.


You use the joystick at bottom left to move your character, move across the screen to change the perspective, tap the skills button at bottom right for attack, and zoom in or out with two fingers. The game supports intuitive controls on iOS devices. One will never have to worry about slow response to their control actions. Instead, it might take a while before they get used to the sometimes too flexible controls.

The game is not always that friendly. The Auto-run, known as automatic navigation in most MMORPG games like Chrono Tales, isn’t of much help as it should be. Although it does enable the character to rush towards the right direction, it just doesn’t turn direction when there is a wall or other obstacle in the way, and moreover, it won’t stop the avatar although a good target is right beside your avatar. Either way, you have to handle it now and then by yourself and watch carefully when you turn on that function.

Players explore a persistent 3D world, encounter various NPCs, accept and complete quests, and mostly kill monsters of specific kinds. Not only are the quests monotonous – no matter the goals are to rescue some pals, report to certain NPCs, explore a dungeon, or anything else, you only find yourself killing animals of specified types – but the bobblehead anime characters and their conversations are also somewhat annoyances. They utter a few words every time and often nonsense, and you have to tap through dozens of sentences before they finally offer quests. Even when you are done with a quest, they are still reluctant to go, talking something irivalant to the quest. That is the very part I hate about Alchemy Knights: telling a long boring story is one thing, and it is totally a different thing when the game is replete with a cliché story.

The characters themselves are annoying not because they are ugly but because they are shown in a complete blur whenever you start a conversation and have a closer look. In that case, the characters take up the center of the interface and are too big for you to ignore their unclearness. That would constitute a huge failure when it happens to an anime-style MMORPG.

It is easy to start a battle in the game: whenever you encounter a monster, it will be highlighted with a glowing ring around where it stands and a knife will appear above its head. You can either tap the attack button at bottom right to start attacking or just ignore the monster and go ahead. After leveling up, players will acquire class-specific skills and utilize them in battles. Those skills are visually fascinating, all of which enable players to shine in distinctive ways, but could only cause minor damages on monsters. And since the gaming experience revolves around monster killing, the battles are simply unavoidable and repetitive and therefore, boring.

On the other hand, It always takes some time to load the maps, start the conversation with an NPC, or open the Venture Pad where detailed mission descriptions can be found. With no progress bar available in some cases, players will never know when the loading will end.

Although Alchemy Knights manages to create a world of lovable characters, it doesn’t present it in enough details for players to enjoy it. And the fluent controls just won’t make unclear characters, monotonous quests, grinding battles, and slow loading less miserable.

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