What combat play style do you want your Landmark Adventurer to have?

Combat in Landmark
By: Michael Mann

Hello everyone! Let’s take an early look at how combat will work in Landmark.

As you may know, there is only one class in Landmark, the Adventurer. This is ok though, because the Adventurer is SUPER talented. They can actually use any combat item in Landmark. This is important because without classes, your character will be a sum of the different items you choose to equip. You will get a chance to wear any item you find or craft, in order to create a play style unique to how you like to play.

Traditionally, equipping different items might not be a big deal, but Landmark items will change the way you play. For example, each weapon you equip will give you an ability to use, each accessory will modify those abilities, and each piece of armor will drastically change the way your combat resources (like mana) behave. With each combat item adjusting the way your character operates, you will have choice upon choice in creating the perfect play style for your tastes! We plan on working with you and getting your feedback during Beta and beyond in order to create many weapons, armors, and accessories in the future. Each item we add to the pool will be able to combine with the previous ones to create nearly endless potential for you to tap into.

The Landmark Adventurer and the way that it can be customized through gear interaction are the first steps to the highly customizable classes we plan for EverQuest Next. People who help us develop the Landmark Adventurer class by participating in Alpha/Closed Beta will have the EverQuest Next Adventurer class unlocked when EverQuest Next launches. Note: while they share a name, there will be significant differences between these classes, as the EverQuest Next Adventurer will be more highly focused and more thematic, like all of the EverQuest Next classes.

Right now we’re interested in what sort of Landmark Adventurer you are most interested in making. Sadly, we only have a limited number of answers in the poll, but please respond in the comments as well and we‘ll be reading!
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