Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is a free online strategy game for iOS developed by Digital Chocolate. The game plays like the Facebook game Galaxy Life, but it is optimized for touchscreen controls.

In the game, the player builds his or her planet by setting up traps, building walls and defensive structures and units, as well as training a powerful army to battle against other players across the galaxy.


From the very first scenes of “Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures”, the developer Digital Chocolate demonstrates why the game has been played by over 30 million users. It is such an aesthetically pleasing, buoyantly fun game as addictive as Clash of Clans with its core gameplay “Attacking and Defending”.

At its core, Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures conveys the same concept and gameplay of what Clash of Clans delivers. It is uncertain which one borrows from the other, but the Facebook version of Galaxy Life appears to be coming out earlier than Clash of Clans while the iPad version of Galaxy Life, namely, Pocket Adventures has many similar elements with Clash of Clans.

Unlike most strategy games (The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, or  Downfall: Clash of Factions), Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures keeps itself away from the boring “mind attacking” with a number of static troop icons, while offering a real-time attacking mechanic with all battles of attacking and defending visible and animated. It even gives players an option to replay the battle of being attacked for further looking into the weaknesses of their planet, so much so that they can re-deploy their traps and defense to avoid the huge losses next time.

Troops in Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures are called Starlings, which function with its attack range, and type. Each unit has its unique advantages and disadvantages  For example, If you are going to build a type of standard infantry “Marine”, you must train as more as possible because such troops only work fine when deployed in high number. While if you want to deal serious damage to area, you can train Bazooka that fires slowly. So in most cases, you must combine different units to attack different players with different strategy. Take some Starlinators to destroy enemy defenses, and bring looters to loot resources.

Although victory is mostly determined by how wisely you deploy your troops and defenses, one thing that you cannot ignore it that you must spend Chips to get your experience seriously enhanced. During a battle, you can use some special magical items that can raise chances of winning battles, and of strengthening attacking. This potentially breaks the balance of the system on the one hand, and differentiates the rich from the poor on the other. It is an extremely unfair design for this part. Perhaps, that is why Clash of Clans draws more players than Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures. All items and features in Clash of Clans  can be experienced by a free gamer, and the most noticeable difference between the two games is Clash of Clans rewards free Gems more than Galaxy Life (Chips) does.

Since Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is transformed from the Facebook version of Galaxy Life, it understandably keeps the social sharing options, but this creates little value for users on Facebook or Twitter. By contrast, it lacks the major social features like online real-time chat, alliance and cooperative gameplay.

If the game can be added into more elements for multiplayer campaigns and communication, that would be a big match to Clash of Clans. But so far, it looks promising.

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