Village Life

Village Life is a Facebook-based simulation game from Playdemic behind Kingdom Quest and it is also published by Zynga. The game details the life of a group of villagers and how they build a prosperous village.


Village Life didn’t offer quests in a normal way. Starting by helping a couple to settle down, players have to tend every need of each villager they come to gather. They assign villagers to construct cottages to accommodate their citizens, collect strawberries and water for feeding them, start a fire to keep them warm, and craft a ladder to pick up apples on the tree. When you click the need of a villager, you accept a quest and by implementing those quests you will gain happiness, which determine whether or not you can upgrade.

It is never easy to complete those quests though. You always need something to build the structure, collect the apple, or even light the fire. For example, you need blankies to craft a baby crèche, which could be obtained only by spending Gems or by asking from friends. And you have to collect enough vines to craft gloves before you could finally collect almonds.

Players will not upgrade or finish quests very fast in Village Life. All the actions, including collecting, crafting, and building, take time of varying lengths. Players could speed things up with Gems but since villagers can only work when they’ve got energy left, you will still have to wait for the energy refill sometimes before you can proceed.

The long waits for the actions and energy refill are not the only things that slow things down. Players have to unlock new items with special keys as in Kingdom Quest. As far as I can see, one could get keys only through upgrades and spending real money. It is completely understandable for free-to-play game developers to design one or two ways for stimulating micro transactions, but three different ways? That’s too much.

However, Village Life deserves a shot on at least one account. It is the first game where people both work and have every need satisfied, no matter how detailed that need might be. Players always have to take actions when a baby needs a crèche, a mother wants pears, or a man feels cold. But there is no protagonist, so you will never see a busy person running consecutive errands where all the other characters stand by. However, the game makes it rather difficult to do whatever you want with the limit of the special key and energy systems.

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