Handling of Ascended Weapons was Atrocious

“Play how you want”

“Equal playing field for all”

“No grind”

Ya right… There is only 1 reliable way to obtain ascended weapons… Crafting? Why… name a single game were end game gear is obtainable only through crafting. Not only that but you decided to go ahead and add 100 crafting levels, BUT were too lazy to add 425/475 recipes resulting in forcing people to use 400/450 recipes to level, making it cost so much that the majority of players will never earn that much. How much? The cheapest is just around 200g for ONE profession. Source: http://gw2crafts.net/weaponcraft_400.html

Not a single thing this patch addressed the major problem with crafting… the fact that you cannot in any way shape or form make money from any crafting prof, before it was just a means for rich players to level an alt to 80 in a day, now its just a means to grind for ascended gear.

Why were fractals completed ignored? Now we have 55 AR max but you were too lazy to remove the 50 cap (which was stupid in the first place, i cant even think of a logical answer for putting the 50 cap on fractals). Asceneded weapons could of cost 15-25 relics, giving people who like somewhat challenging PvE content a way to acquire asc weapons.

WvWvW? How about making ascended weapons purchasable via badges?

I mean this game pretty much became P2W/G2W after this patch, you can whine and say its only a 5%/10% increase, but its still goes completely against the GW philosophy to give rich/lucky/gem buyers a sizable advantage over the general population.

And this is coming from someone with 500 wpn smith / 472 soon to be 500 huntsman.

And before you say “B-But it can drop” realize the chance is somewhere around getting struck by lighting, but not only that you want to get struck by the lighting you want (stats). It’s nothing you would rely on.

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