Akaneiro: Demon Hunters First Look Video

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a 3D action RPG developed by Spicy Horse Games. The game is set during 19th century Japan and features gameplay similar to Torchlight and Diablo. As players level up they can invest points into different disciplines which allow them to use abilities and weapons from all available classes. This allows them […]

In Ace of Spades. the Marksman carrys a lethal sniper rifle, pistol, pickaxe, as well as landmines. He is able to run faster and jump higher than any other class in the game! If you want the old feel of the rifle from previous Ace of Spades, the Marksman is your go to class! *ATTENTION THE GIVEAWAY FOR THE FREE ACE OF SPADES CODE IS OVER* Thanks to the badass stuntman Enari for helping out! If you see him in game, let him know he is a bad ass!! Show your Coco Crew support by leaving a like! www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Twitchtv: www.twitch.tv Song in Intro: City of Lights by Air Dubai used with permission www.airdubaimusic.com Tags ace of spades,marksman,ace of spades class,ace of spades classes,ace of spades free,ace of spades marksman,ace of spades sniper,ace of space rifle,sniper rifle,sniper,rifle,pistol,pickaxe,landmines,how to play,how to play ace of spades,is ace of spades free,miner,commando,rocketeer,ace of spades new
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