Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is a hybrid of simulation and adventure game, which tells a story of a young man who comes to the Blue Peaks Valley to search for his father, a gold-digger who has been lost for years. He has to settle down in the first place to gather much needed resources and treasures before embarking on the unknown expedition.


There is a lot of work to be done. Cutting trees, clearing stones and bushes will reward you with many valuable resources and treasures, expected or unexpected. And breeding cattle and poultry will give you food that keeps you alive. To manage all the work at home requires a fair amount of energy, which can be replenished over time or by purchasing in the Market with real money.

Like in many other Facebook-based games, inviting friends to play together in Klondike could do a lot to help. You can hire your friends for a limited period of time to work for you and they will assist you in almost all the work needed to be done. But hiring friends requires housing, which means you may have to use some of your money and resources to build a tent, a cabin, apartments or an inn to accommodate these friends.

When you are done with the work at home, you can go visiting your friends’ territories to search for mysterious treasures. You have 5 attempts each day to dig at each friend’s territory. So the more friends you have, the more useful things you may probably discover.

When you’ve collected the required resources and equipment and set everything at home in fair order, it’s time to set out for an adventure into the remote corner of Northern Land, where you will have to fight with all types of perils in search of the traces of the lost expedition.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is not the first game of this type, and obviously it won’t be the last. But it delivers a rather enjoyable simulated life experience even hardcore players could ask for. Simply put, it never gets old and will simply keep you on the go as long as you have enough energy in storage.

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