Feudon is a free browser game with a medieval setting. In the game, players need to build their castle and lead troops to battle against thousands of players.


Feudon is nothing other than a revamped version of Epicx. The title simply offers the same experience as previous games like Epicx, Senatry and Call of Roma.

Set in the ancient Europe, the game pits players in the battle against rebels and other players. Players are going to have their own cities, in which dozens of buildings, including Senatus, Storeroom, Armory, Granary and cottages need to be built and upgraded. As they level up, they will have access to more functions. For example, one can seize a farm outside the city and receive crops for the next few hours after reaching level 10.

The unlocking of new structures and endless upgrades are all not new to experienced strategy gamers, who might have no problems in recruiting and training your heroes, purchasing and enhancing weapons and armors, or levying taxes.

Feudon also introduces the recently popular cooldown accumulation mechanics. Namely, no matter you are upgrading a structure, levying taxes, or upgrading weapons, you can always implement multiple tasks consecutively until the overall cooldown time exceeds the limit.

That eases the progression to a large extent but can also cause problems. For example, you upgrade the Senatus from level 5 to level 9 in a few clicks only to find that your heroes are still at level 2 or 3 and cannot defeat the NPC enemies you’re dealing with.

In that case, one would have to train heroes to strengthen their defenses and attacks, but the training takes time. And since the accumulation stuff isn’t available in training, players will have to attack previous enemies to obtain the exploits necessary for adding extra experience to the heroes, wait for the training to be complete or simply spend real money to speed up the training.

Basically, Feudon owes everything to Epicx, except for the accumulation of cooldown time and the roulette that players could spin to obtain rare rewards at a small possibility. Players do all kinds of upgrades in the city, seize farm and mines in the area, battle enemies in the war scenes and relocate when they reach level 10, 20, 30, or higher. Still featuring lousy graphics and intense focus on the various resources, Feudon provides nothing original or special enough to pique anyone’s interest.

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