Welcome to the Anniversary Sale!

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It’s been quite a year for the Black Lion Trading Company. To celebrate, I’m putting on a huge 10-day sale! Each day we’ll be introducing a popular item from the last year of business. As an added bonus, I’m also going to be supplying my Black Lion Weapons Specialists with some weapons from the past year – these weapons will be available even after the 10-day sale is over. Check back every day to see what’s new!
Beginning August 23—Mini White Kitten and Wintersday Weapon Skins

Everything is better with a kitten by your side! This furry friend will follow you everywhere from the breathtaking Shiverpeaks to the very heart of Orr. Black Lion Weapons Specialists will start offering Wintersday Weapon Skins for five Black Lion Claim Tickets.

Beginning August 24—Molten Alliance Mining Pick

Never worry about breaking or exhausting your mining tools again! This permanent pick, appropriated during raids on the Molten Alliance’s weapons facilities, is tougher than tough.

Beginning August 25—Consortium Harvesting Sickle

I’m not totally sure how the Consortium developed a sickle blade that never dulls, but that won’t stop me from providing you with the very highest-quality harvesting tool around!

Beginning August 26—Chop-It-All Logging Axe

The Chop-It-All Logging Axe can whack through the hardiest of trees. From tiny kertch saplings to ancient stumps, this axe can truly chop it all!

Beginning August 27—Rox’s Weapons, Braham’s Weapons, and Fused Weapon Skins

Braham’s mace and shield are perfect for bashing in the heads of any threats to the safety of Tyria, and your arrows will never fly truer than when they’re drawn from Rox’s quiver and fired from her shortbow! If those skins aren’t to your liking, you can visit my Black Lion Weapons Specialists and pick up Fused Weapon Skins for seven Black Lion Claim Tickets.

Beginning August 28—Dragon’s Fortune Fireworks

On August 28, I’ll be celebrating the Black Lion Trading Company’s one-year anniversary by lighting off some Fireworks left over from the Dragon Bash. Why don’t you join me?

Beginning August 29—Bouquet of Roses

These beautiful rose bouquets were originally produced for Valentine’s Day, but love blooms all year long!

Beginning August 30—Flame and Frost Dye Kits

Pick up a Flame or Frost Dye Kit to fill in your dye catalogue! Along with normal red and blue hues, each kit has a chance for our exclusive Flame and Frost dyes.

Beginning August 31—Miniature Spooky Trio

I’ve got Mini Spooky Ghosts, Spiders, and Skeletons coming out of all four of my ears! Originally debuted for Halloween, these ghoulish miniatures are the life of any party.

Beginning September 1—Super Adventure Box o’ Fun and Sclerite Weapon Skins

To finish off this ten day celebration, I’m putting the Super Adventure Box o’ Fun back on the market and equipping the Black Lion Weapons Specialists with Sclerite Weapon Skins from sunny Southsun Cove for three Black Lion Claim Tickets.

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

NOW September 3, 2013<br />Prepare to get schooled!” />  </p>
<p> September 3, 2013<br />Prepare to get schooled! </p>
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