Ecol Tactics Online

Ecol Tactics Online is a browser-based strategy MMO from GamesCampus, the publisher of Legend of Edda and RF Online. In the game, the player is able to recruit mercenaries, learn skills, craft and upgrade equipment on a mission to defeat evil monsters and other players for wealth and glory.

Unlike most MMOs GamesCampus currently publishes, Ecol Tactics Online requires no download and is completely playable on web browsers, yet delivering the same gaming experience that matches client-based MMOs. The graphics of the game adopt the retro pixel art aesthetic reminiscent of RO, Final Fantasy Tactics and Wizardlings.

Gameplay in Ecol Tactics Online is similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics. Players recruit mercenaries, customize skill builds, and join the turn-based battle against monsters. During battle, mercenaries are able to gain experience points and rewards.


The game was announced in January 3, 2013 and the closed beta is expected to launch later this month. We will review the game when the game is launched.

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